Expansion of We Are All Affected Campaign

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ORIGINATOR: Winnipeg Area Council



WHEREAS the current government has introduced austerity measures which has resulted in loss of jobs and services; and


WHEREAS the impact of these cuts is having detrimental and disproportionate effects on equity seeking groups since many members losing jobs are members of equity seeking groups; and

WHEREAS this government has not provided necessary data or assurances that their responsibilities are being met under Employment Equity legislation; and

WHEREAS the majority of new Canadians are racially visible, face challenges, are further marginalized and are negatively impacted by cuts to services and reduced access to information and processes:


BE IT RESOLVED THAT PSAC’s We Are All Affected campaign is expanded to highlight affects on equity seeking  communities; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT PSAC engages the equity seeking communities in the campaign to further highlight the disproportionate effects the Workforce Adjustment program has had on these members.