Affiliation with provincial labour federations and local labour councils

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ORIGINATOR: Winnipeg Area Council





WHEREAS the PSAC is affiliated with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) whose constitution in article 5, section 4(a) states:


All affiliates must require their union locals to join federations and labour councils where such exist


WHEREAS the strength of the labour movement is built on solidarity and respect for the Constitutions of the labour organizations with which the PSAC is affiliated; 

WHEREAS the CLC promotes the interests of working women and men at the municipal, provincial, national, and international levels; and

WHEREAS the CLC is committed to supporting the PSAC in its campaigns against Harper’s anti-labour legislation.



BE IT RESOLVED THAT the PSAC work with Components, Area Councils, and Regional Councils to encourage union locals to join their respective federations and labour councils and to resolve any impediments that may be preventing them from doing so.