Political Actions & Announcements

Affordable Child Care

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On Tuesday October 14, 2014 the New Democrates revealed Thomas Mulcairs Affordable Child Care plan.

The NDP's plan would build on the successful childcare model from Quebec. Research from Economist Pierre Fortin shows that affordable childcare in Quebec helped 70,000 mothers join the workforce and boosted the economy by $1.75 for every dollar invested by the government

Black Ribbon Campaign

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Although, the needs of Veterans are increasing, as of March 2013, Veterans Affairs was serving 212,199 clients. There are 570,000 more veterans who are not clients and may not be aware of the programs and services available to them, the conservative government steadily has been reducing services to our veterans. 

Political Action Dinner

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The Canada Employment and Immigration Union, the Union of National Defence Employees, the Union of Solicitor General Employees, and the Union of Veteran's Affairs Employees invite all PSAC members in the Kingston area and their guests to attend a special dinner, and talk with PSAC National President Robyn Benson at 6pm on Tuesday, October 14, 2014.