Partners for Life

A vital part of the PSACares initiative.

Blood, It's in You to Give! Members of the PSAC Kingston Area Council agreed that partnering with Canadian Blood Services (CBS) would be an excellent fit for its PSACares initiative of giving back to our our communities.

Under the lead of brother Paul Chaves the AreaCouncil partnered with CBS and its Partners for Life program

The registration was made under Public Service Alliance of Canada - Kingston Area (ID # PUBL258789) with a pledge to donate 300 units of blood in 2014; January until the end of December.

The Kingston Area encompasses an area from Coburg to Cornwall to Peterborough and to just below the National Capital Region.


There are two ways to register:

Individuals can complete the attached form, the of ID # PUBL258789 is already filled in and bring it in the next time they donate blood.  This form will only have to complete once, CBS inputs their registration form and all of a donors future donations will automatically count towards the pledge.  This will also include any donations donors have made since January, 2014.  It also does not matter at which CBS clinic an idividual donate blood, all be counted toward the 
Public Service Alliance of Canada- Kingston Area pledge.

Donors can also register online at


Feel free to mention this to friends, collegues and family members; they too can be included in the team.

For more information please feel free to contact br. Paul Chaves at:






Paul Chaves PSACares' Partners for Life chair

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