Clothing Drives

The third Pillar of the PSACares Initiative.

Clothing Drives have become part of the PSACares Initiative of the Kingston AreaCouncil.

When giving away used clothing items to businesses like Value Village for free, these businesses in turn share some of the profits from the sale of those donatated items with charities like the Canadian Diabites Organization. However those profits rarely exceed 7% 

percentage of donations from sale of donated items by Value Village rarely exceed 7%

This is why the members of the Kingston AreaCouncil decided to donate items collected from Clothing Drives to not-for-profit organizations like St. Vincent dePaul in Kingston.

St. Vincent dePaul is a non-denomitational organization in Kingston Ontario which gives the items they receive to their clients for free.

We all know how expensive it can be to adjust to the seasons, especially with children outgrowing their clothe faster than some parents can afford to replace them. Some within our communities have to make extreme choices as they are unable to afford every life necessity and have to choose between clothing, food, utilities, etc. 

Several times a year members of the AreaCouncil are organizing clothing drives, one in the Spring, in support for summer items and one at the end of the year asking members to donate Winter clothing.

Help us help those in need the most.

For more information about ongoing Clothing Drives check out